Pulse Operator Accessories

Pulse Operator Accessories

iControls offers a variety of Pulse Operator Accessories to complement its operators, or as replacement parts.  Choose from the following products, or click on the links for further details.

Remote Activation Devices

As part of its Pulse Operator Accessories line-up, iControls can provide Remote Transmitters/Receivers, and Battery-less/Wireless Rope Pull Switches:

The universal 3 Button Remote Transmitter can be easily programmed to work with 3 different doors, or for Open/Close or Open/Close/Stop functions on one door.  Not limited to use with Pulse Operators, the transmitter will work with most available brands/models of receivers (300-390MHz), including those with rolling code.  Featuring FCC approval, it is an ideal solution for new installs or retrofit needs.


The universal 2 Channel Receiver can be used for Open/Close or Open/Stop functions.  This receiver will work with iControls’ 3 Button Remote Transmitter, or can work with most existing remotes (300-390MHz), including rolling code models.  Requires 9-30Vac/dc input.


The wireless and battery-less Pull Cord Switch requires no electrical wiring.  Mount it in location by means of suspension or screw, and it is ready to transmit to its receiver.  The receiver simply mounts in the operator enclosure, and can communicate with up to 2 Pull Cord Switches.  FCC Approved, 24-240Vac/dc supply required for receiver.

For a brochure detailing the above Pulse Operator Accessories (Remote Activation Devices), click here.

Push Button Stations

iControls can provide simple, dependable Push Button Stations for its Pulse Operators in 1, 2 or 3 Button Configurations (1 Button – Blank, 2 Button – Open/Close, 3 Button – Open/Close/Stop).  These robust metal-bodied products are an economical and reliable solution for remote activation of your door.  Note – all contacts NO except Stop (NC).

For a brochure with ordering information and further details, please click here.