PULSE Direct Drive DC Door Operators

PULSE Direct Drive DC Door Operators for Sectional Commercial Doors

PULSE Direct Drive DC Door Operators from iControls set the standard for DC Shaft-Mount Door Operator performance.  Easy to install, set-up and troubleshoot, these high-cycle operators are loaded with features, remarkably reliable and very simple to use.


Pulse 500 Motor/Encoder Assembly

Integrated Battery Back-up – If power fails, the included batteries provide power for multiple door cycles (press and hold operation for safe emergency use).  A built-in trickle charger ensures that the batteries are always charged and ready.  Battery backup will work even if the control and/or drive boards are damaged.  Should the batteries be fully drained or  missing, a crankshaft socket is also provided for mechanical backup.

Current Monitoring – Should the door hit an obstruction, or become jammed, the system will sense the current fluctuation, and signal the unit to stop the open or close operation in order to prevent further damage.

Soft Start/Soft Stop – This programmable feature offers controlled acceleration and deceleration of the door that will help prolong the life of its mechanical parts. It also helps prevent cables from throwing and eliminates the need for added bumper/pusher springs.

Programmable Speeds – The PULSE operators are built for opening speeds of up to 24″ per second, but can be adjusted to best suit the application. Simple menu settings allow for opening speed options of approximately 24″ (HIGH), 16″ (MEDIUM), or 12″ (LOW) per second.  The closing speed also has 3 speed settings equivalent to 16″, 12″ or 8″ per second.  (Note:  Speeds are provided for reference only, as varying drum sizes/styles will affect actual door speed).

Programmable Closing Timer – Set your door to automatically close anywhere between 1-99 seconds on multiple inputs.

Universal Single Phase Input – The Pulse direct drive operator can accept single-phase voltages from 110 to 240Vac. Simply select the appropriate voltage input range in the setup menu.

Waterproof Encoder – Allows for easy, fool-proof limit setup.  The encoder also facilitates advanced functionality of the door including soft start/soft stop, dual open limits and motion monitoring (if the door ceases to move during its cycle, the encoder senses the lack of movement and stops operation to avoid further possible damage to the operator and door).

Easy Installation – The motor assembly simply slides onto the keyed solid shaft of any counter-balanced door, and one bolt secures the torque arm.  The control panel is mounted at user-level secured by four brackets/bolts.  6 wires run between the junction box and the control panel for power, communication and battery backup needs.

Separated Voltages – A junction box mounted near the motor assembly safely contains all power connections, keeping them away from users.  The control panel, at user level, contains only 24Vdc supplied by the operator, and contains all connections for your peripherals for easy, safe low-voltage access.

High Performance Motor Options – Reap the benefits of High Torque DC Motors and lift counter-balanced doors up to 600 sq. ft.  The PULSE is available in your choice of 1/2HP (up to 200 sq. ft.), 3/4HP (up to 400 sq. ft.) or 1HP motor (up to 600 sq. ft.).  Gearbox options are available to accommodate 1″ or 1.25″ keyed solid shafts.

Simple Set-up – Set all menu options at user-level on the Control Panel, following guided instructions on the backlit LCD and using the push buttons for selections.

Pulse Controller Model 500

Dual Open Limits – Choose between Fully-Open or Set-Limit opening heights to optimize time and energy efficiency.  Available as wired inputs (A1 = Fully-Open, A2 = Set-Limit), or programmable options for Push Button Station and Remote Radio Inputs.

Cycle Counter – Displays up to ten million (10,000,000) door cycles.

Pulse 500 Control Interface Board

Large Backlit LCD Screen – A 20 x 4 character LCD facilitates set-up and troubleshooting and provides real time monitoring.

Integrated Programmable Dynamic Braking – Ensures safe, controlled speeds on heavy doors with high inertia.

Complies with UL325 requirements.

Click Here for a data sheet on the PULSE Direct Drive DC Door Operators, including information on Inputs, Outputs and Ordering.