PULSE 500 Direct Drive DC Door Operator

PULSE Direct Drive DC Door Operator for Commercial Doors – 500 Series

The new PULSE 500 Direct Drive DC Door Operator from iControls is a leap forward in door control design.  Easy to install, set-up and troubleshoot, this Continuous Duty operator is robust, loaded with features, yet remarkably reliable and simple to use.


FeaturesDirect Drive DC Door Operator iControls

Weather-proof Encoder – Offers real-time monitoring of the position of the door, enabling SOFT START/STOP functions, easy limit setting and two-stage opening.

Selectable Speeds – This operator is limited to opening speeds of 24″ per second, but can be set to the speed that best suits the application and meets the restrictions of the door.  Simple menu settings allow for opening speed options of 24, 16, or 8″ per second.  The closing speed will automatically adjust to half the opening speed.

Separated Voltages – A junction box mounted near the motor assembly contains all power connections (away from users).  The control panel, at user level, contains only 24Vdc supplied by the operator, and contains all connections for your peripherals for easy, safe low-voltage access.

Universal Single Phase Input – The Pulse 500 direct drive operator can accept single-phase voltages from 110 to 240Vac. Simply select the appropriate voltage input range in the setup menu.

Motor Options – Reap the benefits of High Torque DC Motors. The PULSE 500 is available with your choice of 1/2 or 3/4HP motors.  The gearbox is available in size 50 to accommodate 1″ shafts, or in size 75 for 1.25″ shafts.  The standard model is provided with a 1/2HP motor, size 50 gearbox and 1″ hollow shaft.  This is more than adequate power for the bulk of counter-balanced sectional doors.

Easy Installation – The motor assembly simply slides on to the solid shaft of any counter-balanced door, and one bolt secures the torque arm.  The control panel is mounted at user-level secured by four brackets/bolts.

Simple Set-up – Set Limits, Opening Speeds, Closing Timer and Operator Voltage at user-level on the Control Panel, following guided instructions on the LCD.

Pulse Controller Model 500

Dual Upper Limits – 2 different opening heights are available for greater time and energy efficiency.  One for walk-through traffic, and one for drive-through traffic.

Programmable Closing Timer – Set your door to automatically close anywhere between 1-99 seconds on multiple inputs.

Cycle Counter – Displays up to ten million (10,000,000) door cycles.

Battery Back-up – If power fails, the included battery provides power for multiple door cycles (press and hold operation for safe emergency use).  A built-in trickle charger ensures that the battery is always charged and ready.

Crankshaft Socket – JuPulse Controller Boardst in case the battery is removed or fully drained, a 3/8″ socket is available for manual operation of the door.

Large Backlit LCD Screen – A 20 x 4 character LCD facilitates set-up and troubleshooting, provides real time monitoring and displays optional service call notices (after preset number of door cycles).

Integrated Dynamic Braking – Ensures safe, controlled speeds on heavy doors with high inertia.

Complies with UL325 requirements.

Click Here for a data sheet on the PULSE 500 Direct Drive DC Door Operator, including information on Inputs, Outputs and Ordering.