PULSE 100 Series Direct Drive DC Operators

PULSE Direct Drive DC Operator for Commercial Doors – Series 100

Pulse 138 DC Direct Drive Door Operator with Battery Backup

The new Pulse 100 Series Operators from iControls are designed for installations where the needs of cost effectiveness and high-performance meet. These Direct Drive DC Operators are loaded with features and programmable options, are reliable, and are easy to install, operate and maintain. Smooth, powerful and quiet, the PULSE 100 series operators are an efficient solution for balanced, sectional doors up to 200 sq. ft., and loaded with features including the following:

Supplied pre-wired out of the box. The operator is wired to its push-button station, and in turn to the provided polarized reflective photo-eye sensor. The unit also has a 5 ft. North American 3 prong corded plug pre-wired for its electrical connection – no electrician is required – simply mount, plug and go. This increases an installer’s efficiency in the field, saving dealers time and money.

Pulse 150 DC Door Operator with Harness

Should power fail, the included batteries provide power for multiple door cycles (press and hold operation for safe emergency use). Built on a separate circuit, the PULSE battery backup will work even if the control and/or drive board has been damaged (lightning strike, impact, etc) – setting it apart from all other systems that rely on full functionality of the printed circuit board. A built-in trickle charger ensures that the batteries are always charged and ready. Should the batteries be fully drained or missing, a crankshaft socket is also provided as a mechanical backup.

Set the speed that best suits the installation. Achieve opening speeds up to 24”/s and closing speeds of up to 16”/s (varies according to drum size/type and door style).

This feature offers smooth, controlled acceleration and deceleration of the door, and helps prolong the life of its mechanical parts. It also aids in the prevention of cable throw. The distance of both the acceleration and deceleration distance can be programmed to match the door requirements as needed.

Should the door hit an obstruction or become jammed during the closing cycle, the system will sense the change in force and reverse the door to avoid further damage. This all but eliminates the need for an additional safety edge. Note that the sensitivity of this feature is adjustable, and can be tailored to the installation.

Once selected from the menu, the door automatically moves through one complete cycle and reports (on the LCD) the difference in force required to open the door versus closing it. Use this data to verify proper door balance without needing to remove the operator, and take the guesswork out of door balancing. A properly balanced door will extend the life of the door springs and maximize battery backup performance. PATENT PENDING.


  • Choose from current available 3/8HP or 1/2HP models with 1″ 30:1 or 1.25″ 40:1 gearbox options for either.
  • Lower Cost -Higher Performance
  • Closing Timer from 1-99s
  • Reliable & Precise Encoder
  • Set Limits from Operator Level or Push Button Station
  • LCD for Easy-To-Read Menu Options, Limit Setup and Trouble-shooting
  • Programmable Output Relay
  • 2 Year, 500,000 Cycle Warranty

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