Door Controllers & Operators

Door Controllers and Operators

With our extensive experience developing controllers for the Commercial and High Speed Door Industries, iControls can immediately provide you with one of our advanced, ready-made Door Controllers or Operators.  Or, we encourage you to rely on our expertise, technology and experience to produce customized door controllers engineered specifically to your company’s needs.

As with all of our designs, your door controllers will be state-of -the-art, micro-processor based systems free from the complications and limitations of traditional PLC/relay-based logic. The printed circuit board that will be the heart of your controller will be automatically assembled by machine, thereby eliminating possible human error.  Another advantage of automated assembly is the reduction in overall costs provided by the reduction of human labour and wiring, and that large orders of your iControls developed control panel can be provided in a much shorter period of time.

Some of the options for your door controllers can include, but are not limited to, any of the following features: touch control, LCD screen for set-up/system status display/trouble-shooting, wireless communication for monitoring and control capabilities, networking capabilities (wired or wireless), inputs for mechanical limits and sensing devices including floor loop detectors/encoders/hall-effect monitoring, reversing inputs, motor running timer, cycle counter, closing timers, etc… Simply tell us what you would like to see in your ideal door controller, and if it can be done, iControls can do it.

Ask about one of our ready-made solutions, or contact iControls to discuss a door controller specifically designed and manufactured to your requirements.