Dock Leveler Controls

Dock Leveler Controls

iControls has extensive experience developing dock leveler controls for the loading dock industry. We have a ready-made solutions in place for single phase 115/230V hydraulic systems.  We also have the framework in place to quickly develop a custom micro-processor based solution for your product, whether it be vertical or horizontal, single or three phase, electric, air or hydraulic powered, with or without lip control.

As with all of our designs, your dock leveler controls will be state-of -the-art, micro-processor based systems free from the complications and limitations of traditional PLC/relay-based logic. The printed circuit board that will be the heart of your controller will be automatically assembled by machine, reducing human error, and overall costs through the elimination of assembly labour and wiring. And because of this automated assembly process, large orders of your iControls developed control panel can be provided in a much shorter period of time.

See our ready-made solution by clicking the photo below, or contact iControls to discuss dock leveler controls specifically designed and manufactured to your requirements.

DL100 - 1 Phase Dock Leveler Controls with Door Interlock

DL100 – 1 Phase Dock Controller with Door Interlock
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