Custom Control Panels

We Make Custom Control Panels.

Custom Control Panels - FPC300 SampleIt’s the foundation of our business.  It is why we started this company and is the inspiration for every bit of technology that we develop.  We have helped companies just like yours.  Companies whose product was state-of-the-art, but relied on a costly, outdated control panel with costly, outdated technology. It didn’t reflect their image as a progressive company and didn’t live up to expectations;  they needed change, and they needed it quickly.

At iControls, we will develop your custom control panels to eliminate the performance limitations, high costs and complications associated with PLC/relay logic based systems. We will help maximize your product’s capabilities, simplify its operation, and update its image. We collaborate with you to create a dedicated, advanced, board-based microprocessor-controlled control panel solution (featuring unique customized software), designed exclusively for your company. We strive not only to meet all of your needs, but also to exceed all of your expectations.

We Save You Money.

iControls - Home - Cost-savings Photo 1When you compare any of iControls’ custom control panels to your current system, reliable, leading-edge technology won’t be the only thing that you’ll notice. With an iControls’ solution we can almost guarantee a reduction in the cost (and likely the size!) of your finished control panels. Gone are the bulky electrical components. Panel wiring is almost entirely eliminated. And because our printed circuit boards are automatically assembled by machine (in North America where we can monitor quality control), labour costs and the potential for human error are virtually eliminated. Instead you get a smaller, smarter, more reliable and less expensive control panel that will help distinguish you from your competition.

We Offer Development For Free.

While you might know that its time to modernize your custom control panels, you may not have the time, the manpower, or the budget to accomplish that goal. iControls can help. Where other companies charge prohibitive rates to develop a customized printed circuit board based solution, we do it for free. We are so confident we can provide you with a better and cost-effective product, the development of your custom solution is provided free of charge. We’ll invest the time and know-how, while you simply commit to buying your new, economical, more advanced custom control panels from iControls.

We Hear You.

We do realize that your products are a reflection of your company, so we listen. At iControls, we can develop a product that is for you, and you alone. While we encourage you to lean on our experience to develop your final product, this is a collaboration and ultimately you make the final decision. Want the software just so? Need the buttons here, and not there? Want your name on the board? What about a custom overlay with your company’s logo? Maybe you only want the board itself, and will assemble the finished panel yourself. Whatever the case, let us know, and we will do everything possible to make our product, your product.

Is It Time We Talked?

Call us at the office at 905-597-8989 or email us at to discuss your immediate or long-term custom control panels requirements.